Why Choose FastcarDecals.com?

FastCarDecals.com is an employee-owned business that was established in 1988. It is a known vendor of automotive strip kits, both online and in outlet stores. They provide Vinyl Graphic Decals Stripe packages for all the major car brands, such as Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Ram and many others. These packages provide professional stripe jobs on cars that come with a huge 7 year warranty. There are also vinyl graphic decals stripe packages for Ford F-Series Truck, F-150 Pickup Truck, and Ford Escape! Dodge Ram Trucks, Ram Pickup Trucks, Ram Hemi Trucks, and many other makes and brands.

This company uses precise cutting software to make the package installation as easy as possible, with the least amount of trimming. The OEM look is guaranteed at half the price.

The specialty of FastCarDecals.com is the Rally and Race Stripe graphic packages. Custom design programs are available to embellish the car roof, trunk, hood, side doors, fenders, and lower rockers.

A Professional Service

This is a professional service that is high-quality and dependable. 3M high-performance automotive grade vinyl is used, which is guaranteed to last from 5 to 7 years. The new Avery Supreme Wrap Pro-series vinyl is also used by this company, which has a flat 7-year warranty.

FastCarDecals.com has made itself responsible for replacing any defective material. The customer would have to claim a replacement within the given time frame and the original price paid. Warranties also only apply if the FastCarDecals films are used for the intended purpose, on the correct make, brand and model, and no other.

The company's warranties are non-transferrable can only be claimed by the original buyers. The warranty period begins as soon as the purchase is closed and the order received.

An Online Car Accessories Dealer

FastCarDecals is an online vendor that ship vinyl car stripe kits right to the doorstep of car lovers everywhere. This business is also dedicated to providing quality customer service, for which their patrons can email at Customer-Service@FastCarDecals.com, or by filling out a form on the website itself.

The Customer Service Team at FastCarsDecals.com is passionate about providing useful information about their Vinyl Stripe Decal Graphics or any installation questions that customers may have. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers, both before and after purchase, quickly and efficiently.  The company can also be contacted about any items or purchase at 812-725-1410.

Active on Social Networks

FastCarDecals can be liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter. Those interested in following them on these social media platforms will be regularly updated about frequent discounts on their vinyl graphics stripe kits. They also have a company blog about their items, which can be followed for entertaining and informative updates.