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Premium vs. Standard Vinyls

Premium Vinyl vs. Standard Vinyl

Why Do You Offer Both Premium and Standard Vinyl Kits?

This is by far the most commonly asked question we receive from those ordering our products like the Chevy Silverado Stripes or Ram Truck Decal Kits, so why do we carry both? We feel that it would only be fair because so many people have their own preference, Wet or Dry when it comes to installing their stripe kits. Since we get this asked so often about the difference between the two vinyls, we decided to write a few words about this and the difference between the Premium and the Standard so that when your ordering your Cut To Fit Vinyl Graphics Kit, you can make the best choice for you. Here are the most commonly asked questions:

Why Does Premium Vinyl Cost more?

This is the most asked question is "why does the Premium Vinyls cost more? The answer is because the Premium Vinyls like the Avery Supreme Wrap or the 3M 1080 Air Egress Vinyls cost more to produce. When you compare it with the tried and true wet install vinyls the Premium Vinyl might seem a little high, but with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

So before you decide on purchasing say Dodge Challenger Racing Stripes or Ford Mustang Graphics, you might want to pay more for the Premium Vinyl because it is a better value in the long run, easier to install and a much better warranty.

The Difference between Installing Premium Vinyl and Standard Vinyl?

The Standard 3M High Performance Automotive Grade Vinyl that has been around for many years and for those of us who have some age on us, applying stripes using soap and water seems so safe and reliable. I felt this way until I tried and got comfortable with the Dry Install Premium vinyls like Avery Supreme Wrap and 3M 1080 Air Egress Material, now I almost always use Dry Install Premium Vinyls.

This revolutionary New material is truly unbelievable when it comes to installation. We have uploaded several YouTube video that shows how to install both Premium or Standard vinyl kits. This new Air Egress design makes it possible to completely wrap or cover a whole vehicle.

What is The Warranty?

The warranty on the Avery Supreme Wrap or 3M 1080 Premium Vinyls is 7 Year on Vertical and 3 Year on Horizontal applications. The Warranty of the 3M High Performance Vinyl is 3 Year on vertical applications and 1 Year on Horizontal applications. Both Premium and Standard Vinyls should NOT be waxed because this will remove the UV coating and will void warranty.

Questions or Comments?

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